VOTE 2012: The Incumbents – (D) Senator Judi Guthertz


Guam – PNC continues it’s coverage of the incumbent senators who are seeking re-election. Today we spoke with military buildup chairwoman Senator Judy Guthertz about why she thinks she should be re-elected.



 Senator Guthertz was brought to Guam as an infant and was raised here and because of that she says she has a strong and sincere commitment to the island and it’s people. If re-elected the senator says she will ensure that her recently passed bill 437 is carried out refurbishing the island’s public schools. Also, she wants to continue the work she’s done as the chairwoman of the legislature’s military buildup committee and she wants to simplify some of the regulations that make it difficult to conduct business on Guam. “I just want to thank the people of Guam for the confidence they’ve shown in me for the last three years and to ensure them that I am committed to continuing my work I’m not obligated to any special interest and I think independently and I act in the best interest of everyone that calls Guam home and I want to continue to do that,” says Guthertz. The senator is running for re-election on the Democratic ticket.