VOTE 2012: The Incumbents – (R) Senator Chris Duenas


Guam – PNC continues it’s coverage of the incumbents with Republican Senator Chris Duenas. We Are asking all of the incumbent candidates why they feel they should be re-elected.



Although he is completing only his first term as senator, Duenas spent eight years in the Camacho administration serving as the Director of the Department of Youth Affairs and the director of the Department of Land Management. Before that he spent 16 years in the private sector and says this gives him the experience in both the private and public sector needed to be an effective lawmaker. “I think that we’ve now established a very strong argument for government in understanding that there’s very limited resources in this government and we need to be very judicious in the use of those resources but we also have to be very aggressive about building our economy that includes understanding and realizing and truly supporting this military realignment opportunities for new industries that have been discussed by many of my colleagues and also ensuring that we make sure that we expand tourism to regional tourism so that we can really generate the revenue that this government needs to provide vital services,” said Duenas. The senator is running for re-election on the Republican ticket.