Voter Registration Numbers Down, In Office Voting Up


Guam – Voter registration ended last week but the preliminary numbers aren’t as high as they were back in the 2002 and 2006 gubernatorial elections.

Still there are a lot of people showing up to cast in-office votes. GEC Executive Director John Blas said, “Staff are still keying in new registration we’re estimating that we would be adding anywhere from a thousand to twelve hundred to the forty-six thousand that are already in the system.”

This would put the total number of registered voters somewhere between 47 and 48 thousand. This is still well below the number of registered voters at the time of the last gubernatorial election in 2006. Back then there were 55 thousand three hundred registered voters. The gubernatorial election in 2002 showed a total of 61 thousand registered voters. So why the drop? Well there are a number of reasons. “If a person fails to vote in two consecutive general elections then these are the November ten elections their name would be removed from the list sometimes they forget about that and then they fail to register for the next election,” explained Blas.

Other reasons include people moving to the mainland and those who pass away. Although the numbers are lower than previous gubernatorial elections they are higher than the last election in 2008 which was held to elect senators. Also, it is still the primary and it’s a primary election in which only the Republicans have a gubernatorial race. Registration will continue again after the primary election after results are certified by the GEC board. While registration for the election might be down there are a lot of people casting in-office votes. “We have actually already passed the 2000 marker for early in-office voting. I’m almost certain that we’re probably gonna…well lets see it’s Monday early voting ends Friday we’re probably going to exceed 2500 at the rate we are going.”

As for absentee ballots 184 have been mailed out and 62 have been received. Polls for the primary election open on 7am this Saturday September 4th and close at 8pm. PNC’s election night coverage begins at 8pm on Fox 6. Be sure to tune in we’ll keep you updated all night with the very latest in election results.