Voters have mixed views on the reopening of Guam

Voters PNC spoke to have been split over whether the island's businesses should reopen. (PNC photo)

One of the most hotly debated questions during the pandemic is what to do about the economy and the different sides of the debate could be found among the voters PNC spoke with today.

One of the big issues this year is how to keep the economy afloat during the pandemic.

Voters PNC spoke to have been split over whether the island’s businesses should reopen.

Some said that keeping restrictions in place is necessary for the safety of the island.

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“It’s better like that. Like, locked down. So everybody’s safe. You will just go out when it’s really really important. It’s not good in a crowded area. That’s why my kids always say, ‘Don’t go out mom. They’re the one that does errands, goes to the store…very seldom I can go to the store right now,” one voter said.

“I think it should stay closed because the numbers are still … we just want our island to get back to the norm. And by staying home that will help,” another voter said.

Others say that restrictions should be eased further to revive the economy and because health and safety is ultimately a personal responsibility.

“Personally, I think that businesses should open back up. I believe in personal responsibility. If a person is feeling sick, you know, they should stay home, right? Of course, not everyone’s going to follow that rule … again, you can’t really control people. It’s all about hoping someone does the best in the island’s interest. But you can’t really force that,” one voter in favor of reopening said.

The business community has been vocal during this election season, holding rallies and forming Political Action Committees, to endorse candidates they consider business-friendly.