War in Pacific Park – Schedule of Events for April


Guam – Join park rangers this month for a variety of fun and interesting interpretive programs. Park rangers and guest speakers will share special programs focusing on Guam’s official “Earth Month” proclamation.  Programs provide visitors an opportunity to learn about park resources, the people we honor, and how events of the past still influence us today. For specific program details, please see the attached schedule of events.

All events are free and open to the public. Most programs occur outdoors at different locations and vary in length from thirty minutes to one hour. Most hikes are moderate and short but traverse slippery and steep terrain, so wear appropriate footwear and attire.  Visitors should bring water, umbrellas, and insect repellant.  In the event of inclement weather, programs may be delayed or cancelled.  For more information or questions on specific programs, call 333-4050 or visit http://www.nps.gov/wapa.


Throughout April – The T. Stell Newman Visitor Center hosts spectacular exhibits and movies about the history and natural resources of Guam and an outstanding bookstore operated by Pacific Historic Parks, our supporting non-profit partner. The visitor center is open every day from 9 am – 4:30 pm and is located just outside Naval Base Guam main gate.

April 5, Saturday: 11 am at Asan Beach – “Coconut Rhino Beetle” – The invasive Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle is wreaking havoc on coconut trees at Asan Beach and all over the island.  Join Roland Quitugua, a rhino beetle expert from the University of Guam, and learn about this threat and how you can help.  Meet at the restrooms. (30 minutes)

April 6, Sunday: 2 pm at the Visitor Center – “Science Sunday: From Trash to Treasure” –When World War II ended, the U.S. Military disposed of tons of equipment, vehicles, and planes by dumping them into the sea.  Guest speaker Kalle Palmer will share how these dumps sites are now highly valued as dive sites for their historical significance and natural features that developed around them. (1 hour)

April 12, Saturday: 1 pm at Visitor Center – “Curator’s Corner” – Air attacks on the Japanese home islands began as a surprise as early as 1942, but by August 1945 had changed dramatically in scope, size, and regularity. Join the park curator for a presentation on the Allied air war against Japan and handle related artifacts from the park’s collection. (Two hours)

April 13, Sunday: 2 pm at Asan Beach – “Ridge Hike” – Meet at the restrooms and explore the history of Asan Ridge through a fun hike. (45 minutes)

April 19, Saturday: 2 pm Ga’an Point – “Sea, Sick” – The harmful effects of ocean acidification impact all who call earth home. Find out what is happening to the water around us, and what we can do to prevent further degradation. Meet at the restrooms. (30 minutes)

April 20, Sunday:  2 pm at Asan Beach –”Rising Sea Level” – Do you know how high the ocean will rise?  Meet at the restrooms and learn about the causes of rising sea levels and the changes the rising ocean will bring to Guam’s coastline. (30 minutes)

April 26, Saturday: 9 am at Visitor Center – “Junior Ranger Day” – Become an official Junior Park Ranger!  Stop by the visitor center anytime between now and April 26 to pick up a free Junior Ranger activity booklet.  Those that complete the booklet by April 26 will be sworn in as official Junior Rangers and receive a commemorative Junior Ranger Patch! (All day)

April 26, Saturday: 2 pm at Piti Guns – “Guns Hike” – Meet at the Veterans Cemetery on Route 6 and we’ll caravan to the hiking trail that leads to three large Japanese coastal defense guns. Although these are the only guns in their original positions protected by the park, we’ll discover another reason why they are particularly unique. (45 minutes)

April 27, Sunday: 2 pm at Visitor Center – “Science Sunday: Climate Change Forum” We’ve all heard the terms climate change, global warming, sea level rise, and ocean acidification, but what does all that really mean and what can we do about it? Join experts and community leaders; ask questions and learn what changes will occur on Guam. (One hour)