War in the Pacific Park – Park Programs in September


Guam – Join park rangers this month for a variety of fun and interesting interpretive programs.

Park rangers will lead special guided tours of park sites and share personal stories of those who fought in the Pacific War. Programs provide visitors an opportunity to learn about park resources, the people we honor, and how events of the past still influence us today. For specific program details, please see the attached schedule of events.

All events are free and open to the public.  Most programs occur outdoors at different locations and vary in length from thirty minutes to one hour. Most hikes are moderate and short but traverse slippery and steep terrain, so wear appropriate footwear and attire.  Visitors are encouraged to bring water, umbrellas, and insect repellant. 

In the event of inclement weather, programs may be delayed or cancelled.  For more information or questions on specific programs, call 333-4050 or visit www.nps.gov/wapa.


Throughout September: The T. Stell Newman Visitor Center hosts spectacular exhibits and movies about the history and natural resources of Guam and an outstanding bookstore operated by Pacific Historic Parks, our supporting non-profit partner. The visitor center is open every day from 9 am – 4:30 pm and is located just outside Naval Base Guam main gate.

September 1, Sunday: 11 am at Piti Guns – “Guns Hike” – What’s the silent secret in the jungle behind Piti? Meet at the Veterans Cemetery on Route 6 and we’ll caravan to the short hiking trail that leads to 3 large coastal defense guns. (45 minutes)

September 7, Saturday: 11 am at Asan Bay Overlook – “Courage Through Faith, Part 1” – The Chamorros’ struggle during the Japanese occupation came to a head in the tragic tale of Father Duenas. Here’s the beginning of his story through his own notes and diaries. (30 minutes)

September 8, Sunday: 2 pm at Asan Bay Overlook – “Courage Through Faith, Part 2” – Father Duenas’ last hours are recounted by those who last saw him. Find out how strong beliefs overcame the power of a brutal enemy force. (30 minutes)

September 14, Saturday: 1 pm at Visitor Center – “Curator’s Corner: September 1943” – The world at war 70 years ago comes alive with a hands-on display of museum artifacts. Our curator also sheds light on what was breaking news in September, 1943: the Australians land near Lae, the Americans paratroop into Nadzab, and the Allies are one month closer to victory. (Two hours)

September 15, Sunday: 2 pm at Visitor Center – “Science Sunday: Coral Reef Health” – Some of the world’s most pristine corals are threatened daily by coral bleaching and disease – and it happens here on Guam. Our guest speaker, Roxanna Miller, NOAA Coral Fellow and marine biologist with the Guam Coastal Management Program, discusses Guam’s Long Term Monitoring Program and how you can play a role in the future of our reefs.

September 21, Saturday: 7 am at Asan Beach – “International Coastal Cleanup” – Bring your family and friends to take part in keeping our island beautiful. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers are working on this day around the planet – here’s your chance to do something right here on Guam. Bring your water bottle, gloves, and sun block; free t-shirts will be distributed while supplies last. The event is expected to last no later than 10 a.m.

September 22, Sunday: 11 am at Ga’an Point – “Tiny Peleliu” – The Battle of Peleliu brought new meanings to the extremities of military loss and conquest. By September 1944, island assaults were familiar to the US Marine Corps – learn how this small island became a game-changer that still echoes controversy. (30 minutes)

September 28, Saturday: 2 pm at the Visitor Center – “Map Talk” – Stop by the visitor center and learn about America’s island hopping strategy to defeat Japan with our unique, magnetic, write-on, Guam-centered world map! (20 minutes)

September 29, Sunday: 2 pm at Asan Bay Overlook – “Soldier’s Story” – Hear the story of one of Guam’s sons, his World War II experience, and his harrowing return during the Battle of Guam. Did he really find what he was looking for? (30 minutes)