War Reps Back In Defense Bill; But Its the McCain-Levin Compromise


Guam – The Guam World War II Loyalty Recognition Act has been placed back in the revised U.S. House version of the 2011 Defense Authorization Act. However,  Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo confirms that this is the McCain-Levin compromise version of Guam War Reparations which was offered and rejected by the Congresswoman last year.

That means that it would only compensate living survivors of the Japanese occupation of Guam and not the descendants of those who died during the occupation.

Arizona Senator John McCain and Michigan Senator Carl Levin offered Bordallo the War Reparations Compromise in December 2009 saying that they opposed reparations for survivors because of the precedent that it would set. They feared similar claims from the decedents of other war time victims and from the descendants of slaves.

A statement released this afternoon by Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo’s office quotes Bordallo as saying that “the updated version of the FY11 NDAA contains the compromise to H.R. 44 that was offered during conference on last year’s defense bill.”

“It is not an ideal situation,” said Bordallo, “however, it is imperative that our manamko’ receive the reparations they deserve for the suffering that they endured during World War II.”

“I remain hopeful that the revised version of the FY11 NDAA will pass the House and Senate and ultimately be signed into law by President Obama.”