Water Conference Featured Discussion on ‘One Guam Initiative’


CCU Chairman Joey Duenas Speaks at the conference. 

Guam – With the military buildup starting over the next few years, Guam Waterworks Authority and the Department of Defense are working towards the One Guam Initiative that would make the GWA the sole provider of wastewater and water to all of Guam, including the military.


Currently the military produces it’s own water via the Fena water treatment plant. The navy also sells water from this plant to GWA. The effort to unify the system was discussed in detail at GWA’s 2nd annual water and wastewater conference this week. CCU Chairman Joey Duenas says that the effort looks for ways where GWA and DOD can improve the overall water system on Guam while allowing GWA to take back some of their assets and use existing pipelines GWA has in place to help the military and GWA handle the increase in population due to the military buildup.


“Look they have an asset their that produces water, we have a pipeline to send that water to Nctams where the marines are gonna be based. They shouldn’t have to build a new pipeline, we are going to have to pay for the operational and maintenance costs of those wells but we wont be charged into the capital investment that they have already made into well,” said Duenas.


Captain Stephanie Jones of the NAVFAC Marianas will be speaking tomorrow at 9 am at the UOG sustainability conference.