Water outage in Yigo continues


GWA provides the updated water outage schedule for Yigo. 

Guam – The wait for water in Yigo could be a lot longer than anticipated.

A deep well in Chalan Emsle is still being repaired.

This means, that for several island residents in Mount Santa Rosa, water outage will occur well into the evening and for some, won’t come back on until tomorrow morning.

PNC spoke with Heidi Ballendorf, the Communications Director for the Guam Waterworks Authority, who gave us the updated details. 

“The issue right now is we have 20 homes right now that are still out of water. And will be until midnight tonight. I want to apologize…we’ve had a series of starts and stops that have prevented us from getting the water back on. So, it is going to be until midnight for that area, and for tomorrow, the other side of Yigo, this is on route three. Chalan emsle and other areas will not be on until 5am,” she said. 


According to Ballendorf, a tanker carrying about 5,000 pounds of water is available in Chalan Emsle for residents in the meantime.