GWA Disconnects Water at DOC Due to Unpaid Bill


Guam – An unpaid bill at the Department of Corrections has led the Guam Waterworks Authority to shut off water to half of the prison.

GWA Spokeswoman Heidi Ballendorf says DOC owes $318,000 on its water bill, $130,000 of which more than 120 days overdue.  Ballendorf adds that the shut-off should not have come as a surprise because DOC Director JB Palacious signed a document agreeing to see that the bill was paid by October 15th.

Ballendorf explains that only half of the prison was shut-off because one of the meters is inside the fence line and GWA would have needed a police escort in order to shut off that meter.

Acting DOC Director Francisco Crisostomo says the water was shut off at about 8:30 am Thursday.

“I am faced with this dilemma now as the Acting Director” Crisostomo said adding that he was working to see that the bill is paid.  In the meantime Crisostomo says the department is using water hoses and buckets to ensure that the prison remains in sanitary conditions.

Ballendorf said the water will be turned back on as soon as GWA recieves a payment.