Water Turned on Temporarily at Veterans Affairs Office


Guam – Today is veterans days and the Guam Office of Veterans Affairs finally had it’s water turned on.




Yesterday angry veterans lined up along marine drive in Asan in protest of the agency’s lack of water. The water has been out for at least a month and as a result of the protest Governor Felix Camacho told the Guam waterworks authority to turn the water on. GWA did so yesterday at five in the afternoon. However, Guam Veterans Affairs director Fred Goffigan says that might not last. GWA told him they will shut the water back off if they don’t receive a payment by tomorrow. “They said it’s gonna be on until tomorrow at five o’clock if they don’t receive payment and they said they spoke to someone at doa and they are working on that and so hopefully they get the money by tomorrow,” he explained. If they don’t get the money by tomorrow Goffigan says he will have a water tanker placed there. he says that one of the challenges is the lack of funding for the operations of the veterans cemetery.