Waterline leak causes major traffic delays


A Main water line breakage along Route 1 in Hagatna causes not only major water leaks onto the road and water outages – it also caused motorists to look for alternate routes going to work.

Reports from social media depict hour long traffic times as motorists clogged up the Tiyan Road in order to avoid the water break.

A main waterline break in the early morning over at Hagatna’s intersection along route 1 and route 8 caused commotion today, causing many businesses, government agencies and area residents to have no running water.

Because of this water outage, the Department of Labor at the GCIC building, the GPA/GWA and the ANZ bank offices at the Julale Center, among other businesses, closed operations for the day.

Additionally, The Academy of our Lady of Guam released students at 12:30 p.m. due to low water pressure.

Motorists will continue to experience traffic delays in the area until GWA is able to resolve the issue and open the lanes.

Businesses and government agencies expect to resume operations as soon as tomorrow if the water outage is resolved.

GWA is still trying to pinpoint the reason behind the major breakage.

According to Department of Public Works Director Vince Arriola – the water line has been repaired and two lanes heading northbound were opened at around 3:45pm.

DPW says that full lane opening should be expected at around 7pm.

GPD is advising motorists to take caution when going through this area.