“We Are Guahan” Petitions DoD to Split Up the Firing Ranges & Keep Them On Base


Guam – The “We Are Guahan” coalition is petitioning the Department of Defense to consider splitting up their firing range complex so that they can fit the ranges on current DOD property.

As you may recall the Final EIS states that the firing range at Pagat is actually a range complex consisting of five different firing ranges. These ranges, if split up, could fit on DOD property. DOD plans on using Pagat and areas along the backroad to Andersen for a firing range complex. This complex will consist of five separate ranges and will take up over 1,000 acres of property that the military does not currently own.

To put these thousand acres into perspective “We Are Guahan” has taken a look at how this compares to the size of some of the island’s villages. “We Are Guahan” member Leevin Camacho says “The firing range at Pagat will be larger than Hagatna, Agana Heights, and Sinajana, and it actually will be bigger than Hagatna and Sinajana combined. So they’re gonna have two villages worth of firing ranges up there along rt. 15.”

Camacho points out that DOD admits in their Final EIS that there is enough land at 4 current DOD properties to build 4 out of the five ranges. These sites include Finegayan, Tarague and Orote point. These sites already have ranges and there’s room for more. Camacho says DOD should consider putting four of the ranges at Tarague and one range at the NorthWest field.

This would keep all training on Andersen Airforce base.

“We Are Guahan” believes that DOD made operational efficiency a greater priority than staying within it’s footprint. Thus they are demanding that DOD take a serious look at placing the firing ranges on their own property.

In addition to this “We Are Guahan” will be holding a cleanup along the backroad to Andersen on Sunday August 22nd from 7am to 9am. “It’s about 1.5 miles of fence they’re gonna put up along back road so we wanna give again people an idea of how much land people are talking about here this is not a small range so we’re gonna meet at 7 o’clock next Sunday we’re gonna walk along the firing range proposed fence-line and some people are also gonna go clean up the hike the trail towards Pagat,” said Camacho.

The “We Are Guahan” coalition is encouraging everyone to join them in their clean-up of the backroad and Pagat area. Gloves and trash bags will be provided.