“We can and we must” says Gov. Leon Guerrero regarding New Hospital

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero and Lieutenant Governor Josh Tenorio (Adelup photo)

Back in 2022, Governor Leon Guerrero confirmed that her new medical campus will be built at Eagles’ field and that the lease negotiations have resumed, furthermore as PNC previously reported the governor reports that she also met with Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy James B. Balocki, together with MDA, who assured that there is no risk for eagles field to be used as the land for the medical complex.

During her inauguration speech, she said that she has “been told that it is impossible to build a new hospital in four years. I have been told that we should make do with what we have, instead of fighting for what we deserve. I refuse to accept this as our collective reality any longer, and neither should you.”

“And so, I say to you today, with every fiber of my being, and every ounce of my strength, that we can and we must and we will do better for our people, that we can and we must and we will build a new hospital,” said Governor.

Moreover, as it has been known by our community, the Leon Guerrero Tenorio Administration has made history as Governor Lou Leon Guerrero became the first female governor of the territory and Lieutenant Governor Josh Tenorio being the first LGTBQ person to be elected Lt. Governor in the United States.

During her time in office, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero claims to have eliminated GovGuam’s $83 million general funds in deficit, paid tax refunds the fastest in Guam’s history, raised salaries for nurses, law enforcement officers, and teachers among others.

Furthermore, since taking office, Lt. Governor Josh Tenorio claims that he was the driving force behind embracing sustainable developments, expanded youth programs, reduced homelessness and poverty, expanded drug and alcohol treatment programs, and improved the juvenile justice and child welfare system and more.

Additionally, during her speech, she insures that the goals of the administration will focus on re-building our economy, helping war survivors to compensate for the trauma they endured during the Japanese occupation, as well as providing relief to the community for the negative effects of the pandemic and focusing on the next chapter of the island as the tourism industry picks back up.

Meanwhile – during the Lieutenant Governor’s address focused on the topic of economic sustainability and development, as well as providing resources to aid the tourism industry, rebuilding of public schools on the island , improving veteran based programs , affordable housing and focusing on decreasing the number of repeat offenders in both the criminal and juvenile justice systems among others.

Lt. Governor Tenorio said, “but, to move forward, we must first step back, and recognize all the efforts made in our past that were responsible for making our island what it is today. We must remember those who harnessed the power of our potential–knowing that we live in one of the most isolated places on earth–taking risks and learning from our mistakes–acknowledging that the only true failure was the failure to try.”

The administration has expressed their gratitude towards the community for choosing them to lead the island in the next four years to come.