“We Would Like to Not Purchase Any Navy Water At All” – Heidi Ballendorf GWA Spokeswoman


NAVFAC Marianas Commanding Officer Capt. Glenn Shepherd Says This Could Affect Future Rates 

Guam – In light of these rate increases the Guam Water Works Authority is buying less and less water from the Navy and GWA Spokeswoman Heidi Ballendorf says their ultimate goal is to buy zero water from the Navy.


 Because they are reducing their Navy water purchase GWA has had to reroute water from the North down to Agat and Santa Rita. This rerouting of water is resulting in numerous breaks to the water lines in those villages. Ballendorf says that the lines in Agat and Santa Rita are in need of being replaced which will cost millions of dollars. Ballendorf says they do have money set aside for this in their capital improvement projects fund but she’s not sure when these line replacement projects will begin. Ballendorf says they’ve been reducing their Navy purchase and rerouting water from the North to the South for the past five to seven years now. “Now we’re really trying to get it down to zero. If I were to speak for the commission I think that they would say we would like to not purchase any Navy water at all,” said Ballendorf.

 NAVFAC Marianas commanding officer Capt. Glenn Shepherd says that through buying less water GWA is spending about the same amount on Navy water as it spent last fiscal year. However if they were to stop buying Navy water completely it could result in higher rates in the future. “They are a client so I think in the long run it may have an affect on our rates in the future if we aren’t selling as many units as many gallons it could have an affect on future rates,” said Capt. Shepherd.





  1. I’ve heard this woman on K57 and for a spokesperson, I’m really not impressed with her knowledge of the problems residents are calling in for. I’ve heard listeners ask questions of her in which her responses were half hazzard at best.I’d be a bit frustrated if I was calling in to report a leak and hearing her say that GWA wasn’t aware of this leak. How is that possible? I think what bothers me most is the fact that for an employee of GWA, she has time to chat on the radio and it just doesn’t sit well with me knowing that she’s supposed to be working. As for the title of this story, I believe her message got a bit messed up. It probably would have been better to just say that “We are trying to avoid purchasing water from the Navy.”

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