Website Launches On Guam War Survivors


Guam- Thanks to GTA TeleGuam and the Office of Senator Frank Blas Jr., the Guam War Survivor Stories website officially launched Tuesday.

A ceremony was held Tuesday morning at GTA’s upper Tumon office on the website launch, which features the testimonies of World War II survivors and photos from the community. The site also allows people to sign a petition to congress for war reparations. Senator Blas and war survivor Concepcion Judicpa say it’s important to educate people on-island and off-island about the atrocities that occurred to island residents.

“As much as we can educate people here on island, we needed to make sure we educate people off-island and throughout the world, most especially D.C.” said Blas. “I wanted to give them an opportunity so they don’t have an excuse that they didn’t read the letter or the paper was filed…we gave them a medium that’s available to everybody.”

“It’s important…important to spread this message” said Judicpa. “Not so much about the money…it’s not about the money. It’s about the pain…that the others, and I’m saying others, because with me, I was a baby…they never…but for the others that have seen beheadings. I cried when I first saw this show and I was reading the stories. I said, oh dear lord, I’m glad I was a baby then.”

Check out the new war survivor website at .