Hospital Development Foundation President Sgro Says Fake Website “Appears to be Elaborate Recruiting Scam”


Guam – The President of the Guam Hospital Development Foundation, Pete Sgro, says a website claiming to represent the “Guam General Hospital” is false and misleading and in no way affiliated with his Foundation which is raising funds to build a new, private hospital on island.

In an email to the media, Sgro says the website “provides an elaborate selection to links which obviously appear to contain misleading and false information.”

Sgro says the website appears to be “an elaborate recruiting scam.”

View the website for the non-existent “Guam General Hospital”

Sgro says “The Guam Healthcare and Hospital development Foundation, the investors of the private hospital project, the developers of the private hospital project and any and all parties that are associated with the support, advocacy, investment, financing or development of the private hospital project have no knowledge of who created this website and are not in any manner whatsoever associated with this website.”