Westin, Tsubaki Towers pay tribute to COVID-19 frontliners

The Tsubaki Tower illuminated its exterior in support of the millions of essential workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. (PNC photo by Jase Sarmiento)

The Tsubaki Towers Hotel and Westin Resort lit up their exteriors on May 16, Friday night in tribute to the healthcare, public safety workers, grocery store employees, and others who remained on the job throughout the pandemic.

The Tsubaki Tower illuminated its beach-side exterior in blue in honor of the frontliners. The display began with a 10-minute fountain show also bathed in blue.

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The ‘Light-It-Blue’ campaign began in England back in March and since then, thousands of buildings and landmarks have joined to honor the frontliners fighting against the spread of the coronavirus.

The Westin Resort also tipped its hat to our frontliners Friday in what they called a ‘Light Up for Hope’ display.

The hotel lit up its shore facing front side with a smiling face to radiate hope and positivity.

The Westin, in a release, said the display was meant to “bring a smile and feeling of togetherness” to the island community during these difficult times.