When Will DOE Schools Be Secured?


The Secure Our Schools Act, which would beef up security at 25 public schools, is still moving along, but not as quickly as stakeholders would like it to be.

Guam – The General Services Agency, which is in charge of the procurement process for the security equipment, wrapped up site visits to all 41 schools almost two months ago but what is the status of the procurement now?



Robert Kono from GSA says 6 interested bidders have picked up packets and have submitted their questions about the Invitation for Bid. Kono says they then forwarded those questions to the Department of Education but they’re still waiting for answers.

He says once DOE answers back, GSA can then proceed with the process. GSA Cheif Procurement Officer Claudia Acfalle says some of the interested bidders are RadioCom, Pacific Data Systems, Secure Tech and G4S.

DOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez says he wants the systems in place as soon as possible as the department continues to make investments in our island’s schools.