Where in the world is Father Adrian Cristobal?


Guam – It seems Father Adrian Cristobal has been on the run for about a month now as neither the Diocese of Phoenix nor the Archdiocese of Agana know where he is, which begs the question—where in the world is Father Adrian?

Since April 11, Father Adrian has been the subject of two sex abuse lawsuits filed against the church.

Immediately after the lawsuits were filed in District Court, Archbishop Michael Byrnes ordered Father Adrian, who had been in mission at the Diocese of Phoenix since December, to return to Guam.

But according to Diocese of Phoenix Spokesman Rob DeFrancesco, Father Adrian left not long after the first allegation of abuse surfaced about a month ago. When asked if the diocese knew where Father Adrian was headed, DeFrancesco said, “It was our understanding that he was returning to Guam.”

In a statement to the media on Wednesday, the Archdiocese of Agana said that they had heard from Father Adrian but that he still had not returned to Guam.

Meanwhile, DeFrancesco confirmed that, as ordered by Archbishop Byrnes, Father Adrian’s faculties were removed on April 11. In addition, DeFrancesco says no allegations were lodged against Father Adrian while he was in Phoenix and that to their knowledge they were not aware of any other allegations against the former chancellor prior to his move to Phoenix.