Why is GPA Still Working on Aggreko Generators When a Protest Has Been Filed?


GPA crews work to ensure the temporary generators are good to go online as soon as possible. 

Guam – Why is the Aggreko temporary generator project still moving forward despite a protest being filed on the project? Is it too late?

On December 22, PNC confirmed with GPA spokesman Art Perez that a protest was filed with the temporary generators in Yigo.

We asked GPA general manager John Benavente why the procurement has not stopped while a protests is being handled, similar to the way GPA halted progress on phase ii of it’s renewable energy project because a protest was filed?

Benavente says, “Well I really don’t want to keep talking about what’s happening with the protest. Our team, our legal team and everyone is preparing a response to the protest and of course they’re doing everything they need to do within the law as required by them, so I really don’t want to go into that much more. At some point in the very near future there will be answer to the protest and of course specifically to the concerns that are there.”

According to GPA spokesman Art Perez, the Aggreko Company won the bid to produce 40, 1-megawatt temporary power generators in Yigo and were issued a “notice to award” on October 14. This means the protest, which was filed on December 11, came almost two months after GPA says they notified bidders of the award. Guam public law states: “the protest shall be submitted in writing within Fourteen (14) days after such aggrieved person knows or should know of the facts giving rise thereto.”

But with GPA refraining from comment, it’s hard to know what or if the protest is legal.

One thing we do know is with the island experiencing yet another power outage last night, any additional capacity is needed. GPA GM Benavente says that nothing in the protest will stop them from moving forward with the project.

“As far as we’re concerned the Aggreko project continues to go up, it’s a major need of the island and we’ll continue to bring that unit. Nothing in the protest is going to change that capacity that is here and that capacity that we need,” said Benavente.

Benavente says that once GPA’s legal team is done answering the protest, GPA will have a public comment. In the meantime he says Aggreko will be up and running by the end of next week.







  1. The losing vendor did not file a protest in a timely manner and as far as the public is concerned, they can go fly a kite. No one wants loan shedding and this company chooses to protest as soon as the generators are being installed? What a joke!

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