Wife and Children accuse Catholic Blogger Tim Rohr of domestic and sexual abuse

Tim Rohr said nowhere else in the world did lay people stand up to the church. Usually, he said it would be officials who lead protests against the Church but in Guam, it was the ordinary church-goers.

Guam – Jungle watch blogger Tim Rohr has been on the forefront in speaking out against the sexual abuse within the Catholic Church but now it seems he is facing some of the same allegations, allegations being brought forth by his wife.

With a 30 year marriage fallen apart and a custody battle for 2 of their minor children ensuing Tim Rohr is being accused of years of domestic abuse and the sexual molestation of at least one of his daughters.

Court documents detail years of domestic abuse at the hands of Tim Rohr. His wife Leone Williams Rohr, stated, “Early in our marriage his physical abuse taught me what could happen if I didn’t do as he wanted or challenged him,” further stating that she was “too ashamed to make my family and friends aware that she was suffering, scared and broken.

Leone states that she only admitted to her father that she was “broken and abused psychologically and emotionally.”

In an affidavit from one of his daughters she recalls some of the abusive behavior, stating, “my dad has a violent temper, I remember him literally throwing me bodily into my room when I was a child because I had cut my hair. I also remember him beating my siblings unnecessarily hard on different occasions.”

In another affidavit, it details that Tim allegedly beat his autistic son Michael with a belt if he did not take his medicine, this was allegedly done in front of the children who pleaded for their dad to stop.

But physical abuse was not the only dark secrets harbored in the family, as Leone states she has recently learned that Tim molested one of their eleven children. An affidavit from his daughter corroborated Leone’s assertion. M.H. details that she was 8 years old when the incident occurred.

According to court documents Tim Rohr allegedly stuck his hand up her shorts, pinching her butt several times before touching her private area. Affidavits from the children further detailed that Tim would expose his naked body to his daughters as a joke and pinch their breast.

One of his daughter’s also write, “everyone thinks he’s such an amazing Catholic husband and father. He is the biggest hypocrite I know and he uses Facebook and his blog to project a false image. Whatever he is guilty of in private he tries to make himself look the opposite in public.”

With these allegations surfacing,Tim Rohr spoke with Patti on K57’s Mornings with Patti show, and while he could not speak openly about the allegations he did insinuate that the Catholic Church is somehow involved and he is the target.

“When it does come out everyone will see this is all about lashing back at me for what I have been doing for the last four years.  I just know that I am a problem for them [Catholic Church] you know… they let this abuse happen right under their noses for how many decades so its kind of ironic that their coming for me but that’s okay.” contended Tim.

The affidavits, however, from several of his children tell a different story calling him a narcissist, a pathological liar and a man with sexual perversions, some of the same words Tom Rohr has also used in describing the acts allegedly committed within Archdiocese of Guam.

Leone relocated to the Virgin Islands one year ago where she filed for divorce. She has petitioned the Superior Court of Guam for the custody of two minor children who currently reside with her, citing that they would be at risk of sexual and physical abuse if custody is granted to Tim Rohr.

SOURCEJolene Toves
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