Felon’s wife may serve time for providing husband with guns


Authorities allege Verlyn Aponik claimed her husband got rid of the firearms, though exactly how is unclear.

Guam – They say that in marriage a woman is to support her husband and his endeavors, but for one woman that support may translate to jail time.

Verlyn Aponik is the wife of a convicted felon who was released after serving a stint in prison on drugs charges. As with all felons, a condition of release or parole is the revocation of the right to bear arms. This also means the home where the felon resides cannot have guns.

Apparently despite this knowledge, Aponik acquired not one, but four firearms that her husband was accessing.  According to court documents, one IWI Tauer .9 mm rifle, one Troy Par 233/556 rifle, and one Walter Uzi, .22 LR rifle were all purchased in June 2016.

When authorities made the discovery, Aponik had indicated that her husband had disposed of the guns, but how he disposed of them is unclear.

Court documents further state Aponik pleaded guilty to the unlawful sale of firearms to a felon, and in exchange for her cooperation in a federal investigation, the remaining counts of the indictment were dismissed.

Aponik faces a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment. She is scheduled to be sentenced on January 30, 2018.

SOURCEJolene Toves
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