WiFi Now Available Inside Miki Taxies


Guam – Miki taxis and iConnect are joining forces to bring Guam it’s first ever WIFI enabled taxis and limousines.

Together the locally owned companies are enhancing the Guam visitor experience by providing free internet access in Miki’s 146 taxis and 9 limousines. The free Wifi services are made possible through iConnect’s LTE True 4G. They have been testing out the service for the past month now and they say it has been working extremely well.

Miki and iConnect officials say that to the best of their knowledge Guam is the only place in the Asia Pacific region that has Wifi enabled taxi’s

“This is a great way for Guam to stay ahead of the game when it comes to internet access and transportation,” said iConnect’s Rene Lao.

“We are really excited to contribute to the tourism industry on Guam. The availability of Wifi in the Miki taxes will enable our tourists to share the beauty of our island as they go around and post photos and their thoughts online,” said iConnect’s Jennifer Cachila.