Will GDOE Be Granted District Accreditation?


Fernandez says GDOE is proud to be spearheading the first ever attempt at district accreditation. He says so far about 2/3 of the 41 schools are accredited and they hope to achieve district accreditation by the year 2020.

Guam – Instead of getting each public school accredited, would it be possible to achieve district accreditation? That’s what Guam Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez will be finding out this week.


Fernandez is in Hawaii for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges meeting where the commission will determine or make a recommendation of whether or not the GDOE will be granted district accreditation. Fernandez, who is also a commissioner, says that for over a year, GDOE has been working with WASC to get district accreditation. He explains that WASC officials visited the schools back in November. The WASC committee was tasked to validate if the GDOE district is doing what it can to achieve student progress. Fernandez explains what it means if GDOE is granted district accreditation. 

He says, “By granting us district accreditation, it’s WASC’s way of saying that here’s the school system that has clear goals, objectives, missions, has ongoing activities and efforts that aim to meet those goals, and has a way of reviewing and validating that those are taking place, and making the corrections and adjustments over time where we identify any weaknesses. It’s saying that the district as a whole is focused on student success and has its own way of monitoring and correcting. That we don’t need the external parties to tell us if we’r doing right or wrong.”