Will GDOE have enough teachers for summer school?

Guam Department of Education (PNC file photo)

One Guam Education Board member has expressed concern about whether the Guam Department of Education will have enough teachers when summer school starts in June.

GDOE says they have teachers ready to teach summer school and the department is already prepping payments for their additional time.

GEB board member Maria Gutierrez asked whether or not GDOE has enough teachers to teach during the summer and if GDOE would be able to pay them.

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Deputy Superintendent Joe Sanchez responded, saying they already are already working on the situation.

“We already have schools that are identifying teachers who are willing to teach this summer. But whether or not we have enough is going to be dependent on the number of students who sign up for summer school. Now we’re encouraging as many students to apply. We have the funding to accommodate the number of teachers,” Sanchez said.

He added: “One of the proposals is either to provide a stipend for someone to do all coordination work or for the teachers who are doing the coordination work because they are already given stipends as summer school teachers. So we can just add a little bit more money to that stipend.”

Currently, GDOE has summer school coordinators who are stipend teachers

As for one-to-one aides, GDOE Deputy Superintendent Erica Cruz said those who are employed for summer school will mostly be paid through the Special Education (SPED) Program.

“We do have some locally funded one-to-one aides and those one-to-one aides are utilized for summer school. However, we need additional one-to-one aides. They are hired through special education so before the end of the school year, the special education team of the individual schools determine if a student requires an extended school year. Then we’ll know which students and how many one-to-one aides are needed,” Cruz said.

Cruz says one-to-one aides who typically follow a certain student on a typical school year is normally rehired if their assigned student will attend summer school.