Will He, Or Won’t He? Senator Blas Jr. Mulls Run For Governor


With election season right around the corner, Senator Frank Blas Jr. considers running for Governor with what he refers to as Guam’s staggering economy in mind.

PNC’s Devin Eligio has the story…

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Senator Frank Blas Jr. has recently announced his potential candidacy for Governor. While still debating whether or not he should run for the position, he is taking it under close consideration.

Tourism accounted for 60% of Guam’s revenue in 2019, according to Blas. When the COVID-19 pandemic stopped visitors from coming, Guam suffered from losing its most prominent industry.

Since then, the island has made use of hundreds of millions of dollars of federal grant money for COVID relief and assistance.

Blas explains that there is a concern from the public regarding Guam’s economy amidst the state of public health emergency and contemplates a plan to move away from federal funds dependency.

He explained that his main focus would be in strengthening the economy if he were to run and take the position of Governor.

Blas looks forward to the future, learning from the past 2 years of economic struggle, to mitigate possible disasters and economic downfalls to come.

He emphasizes the importance of acting on the matter as soon as possible.

The first day to file for candidacy for the primary election for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Senator, U.S. delegate, and the Attorney General is April 19.