With Credit for Time Served, Gargarita Will be Released Not Long After Sentencing


Gargarita was sentenced to 6 years, but because 3 years have been suspended and because he’ll get credit for time served, this means that he will be released within a few months.

Guam – Carl Gargarita was sentenced today for the 2013 chokehold death of Anthony Giralao.


This is the second time Gargarita is facing sentencing in this case. In 2014, Gargarita was convicted of manslaughter but was found not guilty of murdering Giralao.

The two men were involved in a love triangle and had gotten into an altercation at a Tumon parking lot that ended in Giralao being choked to death.

After his conviction in 2014, Gargarita appealed his conviction and won in the Supreme Court. The case was sent back to the lower court.

Gargarita had initially intended to fight the charges but had a change of heart and chose instead to take a plea deal. Today, he was sentenced on charges of manslaughter.

Today, Judge Maria Cenzon sentenced Gargarita to six years in prison with three years suspended and credit for time served. 

Because Gargarita has been in prison for the last three years, and because three years have been suspended, this means that he will be released from prison in a matter of months.





  1. Have the words KILLER tattooed across this animal’s forehead as a constant reminder to him and others of what he is. This sentencing is a miscarriage of justice.

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