With Matanane not running, 6 candidates hope to become next mayor of Yigo

Outgoing Yigo mayor Rudy Matanane (PNC photo)

During this year’s mayoral races, the village of Yigo is the most competitive — with the most number of candidates vying for the position.

The Yigo mayoral seat is hotly contested in this election since Mayor Rudy Matanane is stepping down. There are six candidates vying for the post — 4 of them Democrats and 2 Republicans.

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The northern villages have the most number of voters compared to the other villages. Yigo, in particular, has around 6,100 registered voters. But critical to the election this year is the choice for the leadership of the second most populated and probably the most culturally diverse village on island.

Aside from the current vice mayor Anthony Sanchez, James Santos is also running under the Republican party. The Democrats vying for the post include Dennis Flores, Frances Lizama, Lillian Opena Guerrero, and Peter Martin Pascual.

Incumbent Mayor Rudy Matanane sat down with PNC to discuss his views on the mayoral race and his plans after he leaves office.

Whoever will win this election has to face a lot of challenges. The winner must work with government agencies to provide essential services to the community.

Matanane said, “There’s the trash problem and the stray dog problem to name a few.”

Despite the challenges, Matanane remembers the community service part of his experience as mayor of Yigo. But post-election, he is moving forward with his plan to retire, farm, and live a sustainable life.

“What my plans are…I have some property that I will be doing working on to practice sustainability. I urge everybody in this island to consider the time to be self-sustained,” Matanane said.