With Section 30 money in, Moylan wants GovGuam to issue more tax refunds

Senator James Moylan (PNC file photo)

Republican senator James Moylan has reiterated his request for Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero to issue more tax refunds in lieu of GovGuam’s receipt of this year’s Section 30 money.

Last Sept. 21, Moylan sent the governor a letter asking her to utilize Section 30 funds to pay out volume tax refunds. The senator was referring to the nearly $70 million remitted by the Department of Interior on September 5, 2020.

“While it is understood that the court-ordered deadline to pay refunds has been extended to January 2021, the reality is that we have the monies on hand, and thus you should prioritize this action. Our office has not heard back from you,” Moylan said.

The senator also cited reports that another $3.3 million has been released in tax refunds. While this is greatly appreciated, and the 1,313 recipients will welcome their rightfully owed funds, Moylan said there are still thousands more awaiting their money.

“Is there a reason why the Section 30 monies are not being used to issue out more tax refunds at this time? I stand with many in our community in asking this question, and if those monies are going towards other government obligations, then I believe the people should be made aware of this. As noted in my letter from September 21, 2020, my one concern was (and continues to be) that if we don’t utilize the Section 30 monies for tax refunds at this time, what lump sum of funds is your administration
planning to utilize when we reach the court-ordered deadline in 2021?” Moylan asked.

He added: “While I am sure there will be some increase in economic activity during the holiday season which will result in an escalation in tax collections, considering the circumstances, will it be sufficient? While I do not anticipate an official response from your office, I do hope that we hear through the media if Section 30 monies will indeed be utilized to pay out tax refunds, and if so, when can the people expect it? If those monies are being used for other obligations, then please let the community know how exactly these tax dollars are being spent.”