Witness: Black pouch taken from Castro after he died

Defense attorney Thomas Fisher argues on behalf of his client Joshia Palacios in the Keith Castro murder case. (Media pool photo)

Trial in the shooting death of Keith Castro Wednesday involved testimony from the man who held Castro’s hand as he took his last breath.

Melvin Leon Guerrero didn’t know Keith Castro until the night Castro was beaten up and shot to death outside Matt Sablan’s Yigo residence.

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Defense lawyer Tom Fisher asked: “Did you approach Keith that evening after he had been attacked?”

Melvin Leon Guerrero (MLG): “Yeah … right before he…I mean he told me his last words.”

Fisher: “So you did approach him?”

MLG: “Yes … I was the closest one to him so he reached out to me to grab my hand.”

The defense didn’t delve further into Castro’s last words. Instead, attorney Fisher questioned Leon Guerrero about a man identified as AJ Flores.

Fisher: “Did you see Aj Flores at about that time?”

MLG: “Yes … he was he was crying…everyone was yelling but he was there crying and yelling.”

Fisher: “Did you see AJ Flores or anybody else approach Keith’s body?”

MLG: “Well, the girls … I don’t remember the names of the girls. I believe it was Matt’s girlfriend at the time.”

Fisher: “Alright, did you see AJ Flores approach the body?”

MLG: “After he (Keith) let my hand go and I told him you know… really there was nothing anyone could do and he went over and tried to … I mean he’s not dumb I know he’s not dumb.”

After refreshing his memory regarding his statements to police, Leon Guerrero testified that Flores did approach Castro and took a black pouch from Castro.

The government also questioned Leon Guerrero and had him clarify that he did not know the contents of the pouch.

According to Leon Guerrero, after Flores took the pouch from the victim, he left in an ambulance with Castro’s then-girlfriend.



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