Witness in Agababa murder case charged with sexual assault


Randall Wayne Fulcher allegedly sexually assaulted his roommate in his anus.

Guam – One of the key witnesses in the Agababa murder trial has found himself in trouble with the law yet again. Randall Wayne Fulcher is facing charges of criminal sexual conduct.

A magistrate complaint says Fulcher sexually assaulted a male adult identified as his roommate. Police say Fulcher digitally penetrated the victim with such force that he “had been lifted from the ground, causing injury and that Fulcher punched the victim in the eye.”

But when Fulcher was interviewed by police, he claimed that the two were just “horse playing” and that he never raped his roommate. He also denied ever digitally penetrating his roommate.

Fulcher was charged with third degree criminal sexual conduct, assault and family violence.

Fulcher had previously testified at Allan Agababa’s last murder trial in which he claimed that Agababa had confessed to him that he killed his own mother. 

He is expected to testify again at Agababa’s second trial Tuesday. The prosecution in the Agababa murder case has warned that Fulcher comes from a criminal past and took a deal with the government in exchange for his testimony in Agababa’s first trial.