Witnesses talk about Piolo’s state of mind during the days before his death

The defense asked several questions relating to Piolo's state of mind prior to his death. (PNC photo)

Several witnesses took the stand in the Mark Torre retrial today, testifying about Elbert Piolo’s state of mind and whether he appeared suicidal during the days leading to the July 2015 incident.

The defense asked several questions relating to Piolo’s state of mind prior to his death.

One of the witnesses —- Attorney Teri Christine Tenorio — did not appear in court but submitted testimony which was read as part of a court transcript by a representative.

Tenorio knew Piolo since 2011 and met the police officer at a social gathering where he served as a security detail for his brother — former Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio.

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Defense Attorney Jay Arriola asked if Piolo appeared distraught or depressed during the period of May to July 2015.

“Absolutely not!!! Actually…it’s the contrary for a couple of reasons. Number one, I am very familiar with a couple of friends of mine who have committed suicide,” Tenorio said.

The court also summoned Anisia Delia, another close friend of Piolo. She said she recalled a conversation she had the evening before the shooting regarding Piolo’s troubled marriage.

Delia testified that Piolo mentioned to her that he wanted to divorce his wife…that he married young … but that the planned divorce was not because of another woman.