Woman Arrested for May 22nd Two Lovers Point Incident


Further details have been released regarding Iesha Copeland – who was the woman involved in the May 22nd Two Lovers Point incident, and the moment’s leading up to it.

PNC’s Don Sulat has the details of this story.

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Copeland, according to a magistrate’s report, is being charged with Aggravated Murder, and Murder, both as 1st-degree felonies.

PNC previously reported that the death of Copeland’s 1-year-old child was reported as a homicide by the Guam Police Department.

On May 22nd, according to GPD and court documents, Copeland had threatened to jump off of the top railings of the two lovers’ point area, with her 1-year-old child.

Court documents stated that Copeland appeared to have been “distraught and was acting erratically.” Moreover, the magistrate’s report stated that when negotiators were trying to assist in the situation, Copeland stated that she knew that her child was dead, and said several times that she had drowned the baby in a bathtub.

After GPD was able to receive custody, they noted that the 1-year-old child appeared motionless and unresponsive, they were able to bring the child to the Guam Regional Medical Center, where she was pronounced deceased.

Court Documents stated that an autopsy was conducted on the infant on June 5th. The autopsy revealed that although the infant did not have any injuries on the bones, the child did have several indicators of being drowned.

According to the magistrate’s report, the night before the incident, Copeland and her fiance had an argument. The argument had caused Copeland’s fiance to spend the night away from their home.

However, upon arrival the next morning, the fiance noted that there was no one home but saw a microwave oven inside their bathtub.

A search by police later that evening yielded wet articles of clothing laying on the ground near the bathtub, along with some type of cloth material blocking the drain in the tub.

Upon searching Copeland’s phone, according to the magistrate’s report, the search history showed the following question, “How Does it Feel to Drown.”