Governor Proclaims Women’s History Month; First Lady Remembers Women Who Have Contributed to Guam


Guam – March is Women’s History Month and Governor Eddie Calvo signed a proclamation to honor women at Government House in Agana Heights Thursday.


It’s a month that’s celebrated worldwide to highlight the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society and the theme this year is Women’s Education and Women’s Empowerment.

First Lady Christine Calvo spoke at the event recognizing some of the women who have contributed greatly to the world and to Guam.

“Women like Rosa Parks, Margaret Thatcher, Emily Dickinson and Florence Nightingale and also local women like Agueda Johnston, Nieves Flores and today among us a young lady who served our nations and our island during operation Iraqi Freedom…Specialist Janice Flores,” said the First Lady

Women’s History month had it’s origins as a national celebration in 1981 when congress passed public law 97-28 which authorized and requested the president to proclaim the week beginning march 7th, 1982 as “Women’s History Week.”

READ the releaser from the Governor’s Office in FULL below:

First Lady Christine M.S. Calvo kicked off Women’s History Month celebrations today, touting the progress women have made in paving the road of opportunity throughout history.  A luncheon ceremony was held at Government House with the Guam Council of Women’s Clubs.

“Not enough can be said about the great women in our society.  There are so many throughout history who stood strong when it would have been easier to back down,” First Lady Calvo said.  “Throughout the month of March, we are called to remember the great women who have come before us and celebrate their legacy by leading the way for the next generation.”

The First Lady thanked the various women’s organizations during the luncheon for their commitment to Guam.  She said their dedication to these organizations and their work as professionals in our community is helping to pave the way for a new generation of young women.

U.S. Army Specialist Janice Flores also was recognized by First Lady Calvo for her courageous service to the island and our country.  Spc. Flores was recently chosen by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama to attend the Nation’s Gratitude Dinner at the White House.  She represented Guam and was among eight Iraq War veterans to have dinner with the Obamas in our nation’s Capitol.

“Specialist Flores is a brave woman.  She showed that women really can do anything and I wanted her to know that her fellow Guamanians are proud of her and all she’s done,” First Lady Calvo said.  “Our young women have so many mentors they can look up to.  I’m so proud of Guam’s women and all they have achieved.”

First Lady Calvo also recognized the Guam Women’s Club on their 60th anniversary celebration.  The organization will be celebrating with the Governor and First Lady Calvo at Government House tomorrow evening.

Governor Eddie Baza Calvo proclaimed the month of March, 2012, as Women’s History Month, encouraging the community to remember and celebrate the achievements women have made throughout history.