Won Pat Will Remain Speaker; Cruz Vice Speaker in 31st Guam Legislature


Guam –  Guam’s Democratic lawmakers have announced their leadership assignments for the 31st Guam Legislature and they look much like the leadership for the 30th Legislature.

Speaker Judi Won Pat will continue in her leadership role and B.J. Cruz remains Vice-Speaker.

The leadership decisions were made during a caucus Thursday, but only announced Friday evening after the election results ere certified by the Guam Election Commission.

In a release, Speaker Judi Won Pat is quoted as saying that  “The spirit of unity was alive and well during yesterday’s caucus.  We are humbled that the people of Guam have cast their votes of confidence in support of a continued Democrat majority for the 31st Legislature.”

And Majority Leader, Senator Rory Respicio, said  “We have  affirmed  the  current  leadership  and  committee assignments,  with  a  few  changes.”

The  leadership  positions and standing  committee assignments are:  

Speaker Judith T. Won Pat, Ed.D.
Committee on Education

Vice Speaker Benjamin J.F. Cruz
Committee on Youth, Cultural Affairs, Public Broadcasting, and Libraries  

Legislative Secretary and Majority Whip Senator Tina Rose Muña Barnes
Committee on Municipal Affairs, Tourism, Housing, and Recreation

Majority Leader Senator Rory J. Respicio
Committee on Rules, Federal, Foreign & Micronesian Affairs and Human & Natural Resources

Assistant Majority Leader Senator Judith P. Guthertz, DPA
Committee on the Guam Military Buildup, Homeland Security and Public Governance

Assistant Majority Whip Senator‐Elect Dennis Rodriguez, Jr.
Committee on Health & Human Services, Senior Citizens, Economic Development and Election Reform

Senator Thomas C. Ada
Committee on Utilities, Transportation, Public Works and Veterans Affairs

Senator Adolpho B. Palacios, Sr.
Committee on Judiciary, Public Safety, and Law Enforcement

Senator Vicente Pangelinan
Committee on Appropriations, Taxation, Banking, Insurance, Retirement and Land