Won Pat responds to Carlson: GDOE needs the $20M

Judith Won Pat. Photo by PNC's Isaiah Aguon

Judith Won Pat, acting superintendent for the Guam Department of Education clarifies her statements on funds allocated for the improvement of Guam’s public schools.

Lester Carlson. PNC file photo

She, in a phone interview on April 21 with the Pacific News Center, responded to suggestions made to de-appropriate funds from Public Law 37-5 to fully fund the Energy Credit Program on Bill 83-37.

As PNC previously reported, Lester Carlson, Director of the Bureau of Budget and Management Research, suggested reducing the appropriation to GDOE by $10.8 million to fully fund the energy credit program for five more months.

Following comments made by Won Pat during past GDOE public hearings, some perceived that GDOE wouldn’t use the $20 million from Public Law 37-5 because they were asking for assistance with procurement and said annual allotments rather than a one time allocation would be best.

Won Pat clarified what she meant during her statements at said public hearings, saying that, yes, GDOE does need all the funds that were allocated.

“They kept on pressing and pressing that, you know, ‘so you’re telling me that you don’t need the money?’,” said Won Pat. “No I’m not saying I don’t need the money, I’m looking into the future of how after I repair all these schools, then what? Then, nothing, I have no money anymore to continue to repair and maintain these schools. All the ARP monies i’m using are for facilities, the building itself. But, there are other things now that are not included in ARP that now i’m going to use that $20 million dollars on the other schools for facilities and gyms that are not in the original ARP.”