Won Pat tapped to lead ailing Guahan Academy Charter School

Former Speaker Judith T. Won Pat has been chosen by local Democrats to lead their party into the 2020 election year.

Guam – New leadership has been announced at the Guahan Academy Charter School, as the author of Guam’s original Charter School Law was just named Chief Administrative Officer.

Former Legislative Speaker Judy Won Pat was selected by the GACS Board to take over the reins after years of criticism since the school’s first CEO Donna Dwiggins was appointed.

In a phone interview on News Talk K57’s Mornings with Patti this morning, Won Pat says she’s ready to tackle the most critical areas, starting with facility improvements that threaten WASC Accreditation.

The former Speaker says the public was misled to believe that the denial of accreditation was because of poor educational standards, when, in fact, the WASC report was critical of the school’s facilities.

“I first wanna do a total walk through of the entire campus to see what the facility is like. Secondly, I want to sit down with them on their finances. I mean I want to know what’s going on because I’m not going to, granted I’ll be inheriting everything, but what then would happen from here on end would be during my watch and I want to correct whatever discrepancies there are, especially finances because that’s a big thing for me in my school,” said Won Pat. “I want them audited so I wanna see the audit report as well.”

GACS lost a contract to house upper classes at Tiyan for non-payment. The school’s financial problems also include delayed paydays, invalidated expenses and a drop in Guam’s confidence in their money management.