Work Experience Partners Gather at GCC


Guam – Each summer, Guam Community College’s Work Experience Program places students from GCC’s Career and Technical Education programs in the five public high schools with companies in the student’s corresponding CTE field of study for unpaid internships that earn them credits toward graduation. 

Last summer, the program successfully placed 190 students with 40 private sector businesses and four government agencies. On Friday, Sept. 27th, GCC invited these company partners and prospective partners to the College’s Multipurpose Auditorium for a workshop and appreciation luncheon.

“The purpose of this workshop was to show these partners how the program is helping both the students and the employers themselves,” said Anthony San Nicolas, GCC Work Experience Coordinator. “The students learn how to become good employees, and the employers often gain these good employees, because they hire these students on a part-time basis after their participation in the work experience program. It’s a valuable program for everyone involved,” said San Nicolas. 

[Over two dozen private sector companies, several government agencies and officials, and students in the George Washington High School Career and Technical Education programs at GCC attended a Work Experience Workshop at GCC on Sept. 27 to learn more about the program. The Work Experience program matches high school students with companies in their field of study for unpaid internships that provide the student with credits toward graduation.]

Nearly two dozen companies sent representatives to the workshop, which was also attended by Guam Department of Education officials, GCC faculty and administrators, and students in the George Washington High School CTE programs at GCC. Senator Frank Aguon and several staffers from the 32nd Guam Legislature attended as well.

Joy Funatilla, the administration manager for Arluis Wedding Guam, attended the workshop to find out about the program because her company is looking for an accounting intern.

“With all the information presented, I believe the program will be a big help to improve the quality of high school graduates in Guam. It will definitely benefit the private sector in recruiting their future career and Technical employees. I was a working student since high school back in the Philippines and it helped me to be more confident when I got my full-time job after graduating from college,” she said.  

[Via Sta. Maria and Joy Funtanilla of Arluis Wedding Guam attended the GCC Work Experience Workshop on Sept. 27 in the GCC Multipurpose Auditorium to find out about the program and to look for an intern for their company.]

Under the Work Experience Program, employers provide between 90 and 270 hours of training and guidance to enrolled students. Students must be at least 16 years old and recommended by their instructors for the program. In turn, the students earn credits toward graduation and build their resumes to make them more employable upon graduation.