Work To Restore Old Legislature Building Starts In 2011


Guam- Construction work to rehabilitate the Old Legislature Building in Hagatna is expected to start in 2011.

According to the Guam Preservation Trust, 90% of the design work is done with minor revisions to be made. Chief Preservation Officer Joe Quinata says they are looking at the construction phase to start in the later half of next year. He also says the cost is estimated to be around $4 to 5 million dollars because new buildings and upgrades will be on the property of the historic structure.

“We’re looking around the figure of possibly 4-5 million dollars. It’s not only for restoration work, but also for new construction to happen at the rear part of the property” said Quinata. “So, you have new construction that’s happening and that’s going to be footed by the Guam legislature.”

Quinata adds the new additional buildings will accommodate the growth of the legislature’s needs and staff. The upgrades will be funded by the legislature’s budget, while the restoration work of the historic building will be funded by the Guam Preservation Trust.