Workers in quarantine hotels fear for their health and safety


A hotel worker who works in one of the hotels used by GovGuam to quarantine people is worried about worker health and safety.

The hotel worker, who requested anonymity, shares concerns about co-workers and their families as there are no requirements for them to get tested for COVID-19 and they are still expected to come to work as long as they feel well enough to do so. This has led to concern and fear of the unknown as they’re aware that people with the virus could also be asymptomatic.

“It’s about businesses, smaller businesses. They require their employees to get tested before coming back to work. But where I work, there are a lot of people that come back to work but they don’t require us to get tested or provide opportunities to get tested,” the hotel worker said.

“I don’t know if this is of relevance but we’re feeding the people that are in quarantine who either have the virus or are just trying to do their mandated 14 days quarantine. As much as we provide the safety of food and sanitation, you know sometimes it slips up and we can’t all keep an eye on each other,” the worker said.

According to DPHSS spokesperson Janela Carrera, “The hotel is contracted by GovGuam. For that, we would defer to the management of the hotel as far as their requirements for testing. For DPHSS staff, we do testing based on risk.”

As of this news broadcast, we have reached out to the hotel and we will give an update as soon as they give a statement.