Workers stand to lose jobs at Andersen; protest planned

Andersen Air Force Base (PNC file photo)

Many workers under the Andersen Air Force Base Operating Support (BOS) service are in danger of losing their jobs.

Invicta Defense LLC, of Ft. Worth Texas, was recently awarded the Andersen BOS service contract.

The contract included a collective bargaining agreement with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) local 1260 union.

However, the union said that a number of workers from the predecessor contractor were not offered jobs.

“The Union has not been provided with the offer of employment letters that have been given to the employees to sign before they are hired. The Union has also not been provided with the justification for why senior employees were not hired by Invicta, JJ Worldwide, or Cruz Associates and all subcontractors as promised,” said Ken Laguana, assistant business manager of IBEW 1260.

Laguana stressed that the union’s fight is for justice and what’s right for its members and NOT in any way against the US government or its contracting officers.

“It is with – Invicta Defense LLC out of Ft. Worth Texas and its subcontractors, who have arrived on Guam’s shores with the intent to disregard the contract bargaining agreement which will displace many of our hardworking and experienced Ibew 1260 members. It is detrimental to our members who have been dedicated in serving our warfighters for years, keeping our island and country safe. In the face of uncertainty with all facing COVID 19, our members never faltered in providing the support that our enemies would hope to fail or abandon. These same workers seek nothing more than the job they have held for many years while supporting their families,” Laguana said in a statement.

He added that several members not offered employment have up to 18 years of service and many of those few selected were downgraded with lower wages and without explanation while others with offer letters were advised to remain silent utilizing the job opportunity to silence the injustices.

“I have received many calls from outraged members, many who continue to serve our country and veterans alike, who felt betrayed by the new company in a job that they have supported respectfully for decades — each one pleading out in desperate need to save their livelihoods! I can only imagine how they feel, and I assured them that their cry will not fall on deaf ears. I have alerted the leadership of our island in request for their assistance in this cause and pray that together with us our good people will be heard,” Laguana said.

The union has already threatened to file an unfair labor practice charge and is organizing a protest at Andersen on Thursday.

“I urge all to stand up on April 1, 2021, at 0700 by Andersen front gate. Together, my brothers and sisters, we will rise in solidarity and demonstrate that we will not go down without a fight! We will not accept any company coming here with total disregard to the hard-working people of our island who have served and continue to serve our warfighters for many years. It is the fairness in our local workforce that we seek, and we must all assure that their actions do not set precedence with our workforce as we go through the activity of a huge military buildup,” Laguana said.



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