Lopez Not Permitted To Participate In DoDEA Events


Guam – No more Guam High events.  MSOA Wrestling referee Joey Lopez, Jr. is not allowed to participate in anything involving DoDEA Guam and Guam High.  A release from DoDEA Pacific and the Area Office Public Affairs Officer Charles Hoff states that:

“As a result of the findings of the investigation, the individual referee will no longer be permitted to participate in DoDEA Guam sponsored events or officiate any match involving Guam High School students. DoDEA Pacific does not condone in any way the initiation of aggressive physical contact by an adult towards a student.”

In a phone call, IIAAG President Martin Boudreau told PNC Sports that the student was penalized for verbally confronting the referee and that the student’s head hit the chin of the referee and the official corrected the distance of the student in self-defense.

Lopez was exonerated by the I.I.A.A.G.

Usually, altercations happens between players with penalizations based on the incident.  This is the first known altercation and punishment between a player and an official.