Wusstig & Route 1 Traffic Light Now Working


Guam –  The traffic light at Wusstig Road and Route # 1 is now in operation.

The dangerous intersection claimed the lives of  4 people in 2 separate accidents last year while construction of the new signalization was underway.

Department of Public Works Director Joanne Brown said that the light was officially turned on this morning [Wednesday] at 9am.

A news release from DPW last week indicated that the light was slated to be in operation this past Monday, but Brown said that the contractors explained to her that only the flashing yellow light was activated Monday to give the public advance notice that new signalization was about to be turned on. The contractors said that is standard procedure before full signalization is implemented.

However, Brown expressed concern about the lack of a right turning lane on Wusstig onto Route # 1. And she noted that there is an open drainage ditch on the side of Wusstig road which appears to present a safety hazard.

“We do have an easement there,” said Brown, “so I don’t know why a second right lane was not built.”

The DPW Director says she is meeting this afternoon with the “Parsons representatives to go over those issues with regards to the design and see if there any deficiencies.”