Wyndham Garden hotel burglarized; cash and supplies taken

In the hotel's security footage, one of the three male suspects can be seen wearing a blue hoodie. (Wyndham security camera footage)

The Wyndham Garden Guam was broken into early Monday morning with the perpetrators taking cash and supplies.

Around 3 to 5 am Monday morning, three male individuals made off with several items including thousands of dollars in US cash and foreign currency.

Wyndham Garden Director for Sales and Marketing, Valerie Blas described the burglary incident and said the possible reason they were targeted was that the hotel has been closed for renovations since August of last year.

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“They came in through the front door and they went around the building, mainly on the first floor looking for items they can take with them. They ransacked our offices, our gift shop, and one of our vendors. I don’t want to give the exact amount, but it was several thousands of dollars in US and foreign currency that was taken from our boss’ safe. We have some small equipment, some tools, an air nail gun, little items but they were power tools, we also had several tankless water heaters that were taken, things they can actually carry,” Blas said.

Tamuning Mayor Louise Rivera went on air with Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo Monday morning to speak about the break-in and how the Tamuning community is taking action.

“I know I got a lot of response back on the WhatsApp when we sent it around and saying oh, it looks like an inside job and all that. But if it was an inside job, they wouldn’t have really stayed in front of the camera. We continue to be on the lookout. We have an awesome neighborhood program and a lot of our residents that are volunteering to be a part of it are very active. I’m hoping they notice something, a vehicle or whatever it is. We ask them to call in GPD or they can call me anytime,” Mayor Rivera said.

In the hotel’s security footage, one of the three male suspects can be seen wearing a blue hoodie, khaki shorts, black FILA slides, and a red bandana, which later changed to a FILA shirt over his head.

The second individual wore a black hoodie, cap and mask, grey pants, and black tennis shoes with white trim. The third male had on a black shirt, gold necklace, blue bandana, and white basketball shorts with black stripes and the numbers 06 on his left leg.

According to Blas, GPD has already taken the fingerprints of everything the individuals touched in the hotel.

While the Wyndham Garden Hotel continues to be temporarily closed, since the incident, the hotel has increased its security by having a 24-hour presence on the property.

The hotel management is thankful the incident was minimal and no one was injured.

They would like to remind the community to stay vigilant and cautious of those looking to take advantage of shuttered companies and homes.

Wyndham Garden Hotel is looking to re-open its doors September of this year.