Y SANTO PAPA – The Making of a Saint Premiers SUNDAY at Agana Stadium Theaters


Guam – The Sorensen Media Group in conjunction with Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica presents – Y SANTO PAPA: THE MAKING OF A SAINT, a video documentary of a group of pilgrims from Guam who journeyed to Rome to witness the beatification of Pope John Paul II.

This documentary tells two poignant stories: that of the life and times of Pope John Paul II and the trek of forty people from the island of Guam to Italy. This journey is told in a three part series that will air on the television stations of Sorensen Media Group, ABC7 and FOX6 Guam. Each portion of the story is presented as an hour long episode and will air multiple times to allow for all to see.

A special movie theater screening of this documentary in its entirety will take place Sunday, September 11th at the Agana Stadium Theaters. Tickets are twenty dollars and available at the Sorensen Corporate Offices and will be sold after masses at the Basilica on September eleventh with proceeds to benefit the Cathedral. “We are proud to have had the opportunity to work with Archbishop Apuron, Monsignor James Benavente and the supporting
faithful who allowed us to document this significant event,” said Rex Sorensen, CEO of Sorensen Media Group.

The people of Guam will have several opportunities to view this locally produced series.

“We wanted to put the entire documentary on the big screen for a proper showing of this amazing program, and Tango Theaters has been a great support in our efforts,” said Krista Gaza, General Manager of Sorensen Television and the producer of the series.

Additional opportunities to view this series include the television presentations on both ABC7 and FOX6 Guam beginning September 17th, and a keepsake DVD set will be made available at a later date.