Senators Yamashita & Tom Ada Propose a Performance Management Contract for DOE


Guam – Senators Aline Yamashita and Tom Ada have introduced a measure that would require the Guam Department of Education to enter into  a performance management contract [PMC] “to address the myriad facilities and maintenance issues that have plagued the schools throughout the years.”

If passed, Bill 64 they say would require:

* Guam DOE to issue a bid within 60-days of enactment.

* The bid award would be expected 6-months from date of enactment

* DOE would then be required to enter into the PMC for up to 15-years.  

Read Bill 64

The Seantors say that the performance managment contract would not jeapordize the jobs of  current employees and no employees will be displaced as a result of the PMC contract.

A release from Senator Yamashita’s office states that “the Senators believe DOE employees can succeed in their mission if they are provided the needed materials, equipment, and training.  The proposed PMC is similar to those that helped our power and water systems provide reliable service and provided employees with needed training and resources. ”

They also argue that “with a PMC in place, the Superintendent and schools’ leadership will be able to invest more of their time in instructional issues rather than building issues.”

And Senator Yamashita is quoted as saying that: “It is our hope that air conditioning, pest control, sewage systems, leaking roofs, mold issues will no longer become headline news.  At the same time, we look forward to the cost savings that we will realize through a more efficient and effective use of resources.”