Yamashita Bill Seeks More Funding for UOG, GCC


Guam -Senator Aline Yamashita today [Wednesday] introduced a bill to provide additional funding to the University of Guam.

Her Bill 311 would provide Medical Loss Ratio Funds to UOG. The amount has yet to be determined.

Her bill follows the introduction and passage of Bill 308 on Monday which provides $1.36 million to UOG in an effort to avert a tuition increase.

A release quotes Senator Yamashita as saying that “Senators want to make sure that the natural choice for many of our island students is an affordable choice.”

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READ Senator Yamashita’s release in FULL below:

For Immediate Release
21 September 2011

Bill seeks funding for UOG and GCC

Senator Aline A. Yamashita, introduced a measure today to strengthen support for the University of Guam and Guam Community College.  Bill No. 311-31 (COR) will provide the institutions with much needed funding for general operations.  Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz and Minority Leader Senator Frank Blas are also bill sponsors.

The monies will come from Medical Loss Ratio Funds, or the Section 2718 Fund, which was identified by Vice Speaker Cruz during the budget session.  The funds were initially tagged for emergency tax refunds, but the bonds will address refunds freeing up these monies for other purposes.

This bill is introduced on the heels of Bill 308, which appropriates $1.3 million to UOG, introduced by Senator ben pangelinan and Speaker Judith Won Pat, and successfully passed by the legislature earlier this week.

“Senators want to make sure that the natural choice for many of our island students is an affordable choice,” says Sen. Yamashita.  “As well, work force development must be a supported priority particularly as Guam goes through expansive growth. Investment in higher education is clear investment in economic development.”