Yamashita Resolution Urges Mitigation of Noise Impact of Military Aircraft


Guam – Senator Aline A. Yamashita, PhD Monday introduced a resolution to address potential health and safety impacts from increased military air traffic associated with the build up.


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Resolution No. 24-31 (COR) asks the military to:

1) implement FAA Advisory Circular (AC) No: 91-36D that encourages pilots making flights near “noise-sensitive” areas to fly at higher altitudes to reduce aircraft noise; and,

2) recognize the potential impact aircraft noise can have on surrounding communities, and offer people a recourse for noise mitigaton such as the A.B. Won Pat Guam International Airport Authority’s Residential Sounds Solution Program that gives qualified residents grants to sound proof homes.

The resolution is a proactive measure to avoid adverse issues such as those faced by Okinawans living near Kadena Air Force Base, Yamashita says. In 2009, more than 5,000 people were awarded 5.62 billion Yen – which was then approximately $57 million— whose health was adversely affected by noise from Kadena Air Force Base flight activities. More recently, nearly 500 of the original litigants tried to force the military to ban late night and early morning flights with one litigant stating, “it’s too late to deal with the problem after something happens, like a crash.”

“We must learn from the Okinawan experience,” Yamashita says. “In the spirit of cooperation and goodwill, I hope the military will work with us and put in place measures that will show their commitment to the safety and welfare of our families.” For more information, contact Senator Yamashita at 648-3474 or email her at