Yet Another Rush Hour Accident at Bottom of Route 4 Hill In Hagatna


Guam – Yet another accident at the base of  the Route 4 hill across from the McDonald’s in Hagatna this morning [Monday].

This rush hour accident happened about 8 am, when the road was slick from morning showers. Police at the scene said the accident happened as both vehicles were coming down hill.

It involved a pickup and a sedan which spun out of control and into the landscaped medium that divides the roadway from the Agana Shopping Center parking lot.

The sedan slammed into a light pole and the drivers side was heavily damaged. The pickup suffered less damage. There were no injuries.

It is one of a number of serious accidents that have occurred at that location.

GPD PIO Officer A.J. Balajadia said the accident is under investigation, but he did not have any details.